April 16th, 2009

Puppy News

Well, my baby is now 12 weeks old and is fully injected and stuff. Sow, we officially took her for her first walk yesterday. Just went to Herrington Park, as she's still only little with little legs. Walked for just under and hour and she loved it. Other than the bikes, they were scary apparently, almost as scary as swans. her colour is gonna be a bigger problem than I first thought, as we did not go anywhere really muddy and she was BLACK. Oh the joys of an almost white dog. Now, I'm after ideas for lovely dog walks. We are off to jesmond dene on Sat with her and I know a fair few nice walks at Chopwell and there is the river at Washington but I can't wait to take her somewhere new.

We start puppy classes on Wed, well, I do, she starts the week after.

In other news, Catreath this weekend, first time I have played for a while as my character has been taking time out to gather herself and get used to her new identity. So it's very exciting.
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