March 10th, 2009


I can't decide whether I feel old or just like a real grown up. Recently, I find myself wandering round homebase getting excited about the most mundane things, like outdoor tap kits. Just how wrong is it to be excited about an outdoor tap (which, incidently, I'm getting fit tomorrow)?

Well, I am officially sad, but I don't care, cos I'm happy. I now have my shed and a small greenhouse and I have been planting like a thing not right. Hopefully fairly soon I will have some pretty Delphiniums and some carrots, lettuce, spring onions and blueberries. I have potatoes to plant at the weekend and courgettes, more carrots, and beetroot. I'm also planning on going and getting some summer bulbs to plant in my freshly weeded and dug over garden. On top of this, my house is tidy, I have a room all sorted out for the cats (for when doggy invades, so that they can get some peace), I have dog-proofed the living room and have bought everything I could possibly need for getting my doggles on friday.

I should probably state that this has not been single handed, just in case a certain someone reads this, my star of a BF has done loads. So much that I'm treating him to pizza for tea. I feel so happy and settled, moreso than I ever have before. I could get used to this
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Thought I'd throw some piccies of my puppy Lilly, we get her on friday and I can't wait. Under a cut for those of you that couldnt care less :)

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