January 8th, 2009

8 days in

Well, 2009 is 8 days old and I suddenly feel the urge to post on here.

So, Key events of 2008... Well, the biggest one for me is Met Jay, well, got together with Jay, we actually met in 2007. Bloody hell, time flies. We've had a year together now and things are better than ever, its very nice being content and comfortable with someone and not having to change myself to fit them.

Had the work year from hell, with my (ex) manager making my life an absolute misery resulting in 6 months (count em) off sick. But now I'm all recovered, back doing supply and even thinking about applying for full time work, although with my sickness record now I'm unlikely to get anything until I've proved myself in supply.

Dad got ill, very ill. He has been diagnosed with lung cancer on top of his heart failure and various other problems that I cant even pronounce. At least twice this year we thought we were going to lose him. Its very hard seeing a man who used to be life and soul of the party in such a state that he struggles to hold a conversation. And even worse knowing he's only going to get worse. Horrible as this is I'm just praying his heart condition gets him before the cancer does, I don't want him to go through that. But still praying for an amazing recovery and that he has a few years in him yet.

Got back in touch with some old school mates and lost touch with some old school mates. Wierd how that happens. Lovely to be part of a 'girly' group again but I still kinda miss some of my old mates who I had so much fun with over the years (you know who you are)

Got top rank in catreath. Izrik is officially nails and the best Wizard in the system atm. A sad but proud moment. Now all she needs is an apprentice, anyone for some LARP and fancy playing a wizard?

So, what am I expecting/ hoping for this year?

Well, I'm very excited about some things that are happening soon. for Xmas Jay's bro has booked us on an overnight ghost hunt at the keep (Richy, if you are reading this is this likely to be you lot? its the 30th Jan) which should be a laugh if nothing else (especially as I'm terrified of the dark.

And, Its Jays 30th this year, which I think is a big deal. I'm really looking forward to celebrating with him. As his gift his parents have booked up BOTH tickets to CANADA to visit his bro and new niece. Amazingly exciting, roll on easter!

I'm really looking forward to another year with Jay. I would like us to be more sorted by 2010. Have the house decorated the way we want it and our finances organised and stuff. Very excited about getting a puppy together in the summer. Probably gonna get a boxer but a golden doodle is also being considered (they look like Jay!)

I would love to spend more time with mates this year, if anyone wants to go out or hang out drop me a line, would be nice to catch up with many of you.

I want to lose some weight. Already started on this so its just keep up the good work really.

Anyway, I have blabbered on muchly, so I'm gonna end it there
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