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And they call it Puppy Love

I am getting a DOGGY!!!

I am very very excited about the above news. We have been talking about it for so long and were really messed around by a girl wanting rid of a 1 year old dog. But now it is decided, we are getting a goldendoodle pup on the 17th March, we go and choose it from 9 puppies next tuesday... bring on the photos...

The litter with Mammy

This is the litter with their golden retriever Mammy, so it will be one of these beauties I'm getting, They are 3 days old in this piccie and Jay just fell in love with them.


This is their big sister, from a previous litter. Hopefully my baby will grow up to be as pretty as her.

Our only concern is these two...

Shhh, the walls have ears

Who are used to having our complete attention. They should cope, it will just take a while to settle. In an attempt to help them we are starting slow by introducing them to some other species...

My little Talibam

I'm so excited it's unreal

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