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God, People are annoying

Just got myself really annoyed on a forum, but instead of ranting on there I'm going to rant on here as ranting on there will only make matters worse.

Someone just put one of those "please help me, I need advice" threads on a forum I visit a lot but post on less often. It happened to be on a subject that I feel strongly about for personal reasons so I replied. My reply was basically to keep an open mind about the situation and not make snap judgements. A few other people posted similar things.

Then the person who put the original post said "I came on here expecting some support and all I get is people on personal crusades"


You cam on here asking for advice. Advice is what you got. That advice is obviously not what you wanted to hear. What you WANTED was for people to go "Oh, poor you, thats horrible, how could they do this to you (((((((HUGGGGGGSSS)))))))" and now because people have gone "Hang on, have you thought of looking at it this way" you think the whole world is against you.

Why ask for sodding ADVICE if all you are going to do is then complain at the people who are kind enough to take the time to offer it? Nobody was nasty, they just had alternative points of view, which is obviously going to happen when you ask ANYONE IN THE WORLD who happens to look at that forum for advice. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

God, i am far too annoyed as a result of this situation, it can't be healthy.

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