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Had a bit of a rough few weeks. Hopefully though we are on the way up again and things are going to start getting better.

Work: I've registered to do supply work. It's £100 a day and none of the stress of my last school. The only problem is I cant start till my new CRB comes through and its not a monthly wage, it all depends on how much I work. But I'm really looking forward to it.

Home: Messy, largely due to Larpness at the weekend. Got more wet than I think I have ever been, I mean, I've been swimming and come out drier. Its gonna take some washing I can tell you.

Larpness: Yay, finally really really enjoying playing my character and I'm one month away from top rank. Only problem being that 1 event is a weekend event with a high chance of death. Fingers crossed I can survive it!

Other: Off tonight to scope out an open mic might with my lovely Jay. Should be a decent night of drinks and chat with mates. Also nipping out to cinema this afternoon, should really check whats on. Very excited about tomorrow, been invited to join a RP group which Jay goes to. I've always looked at this as the 'Big boys' roleplay as they are all amazing RP'ers, and now I've been asked to join! Yay. Only questions now is which WFRP character will I play. I love playing wizards but I've kinda become typecast so wanna try something different

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