Puppy News

Well, my baby is now 12 weeks old and is fully injected and stuff. Sow, we officially took her for her first walk yesterday. Just went to Herrington Park, as she's still only little with little legs. Walked for just under and hour and she loved it. Other than the bikes, they were scary apparently, almost as scary as swans. her colour is gonna be a bigger problem than I first thought, as we did not go anywhere really muddy and she was BLACK. Oh the joys of an almost white dog. Now, I'm after ideas for lovely dog walks. We are off to jesmond dene on Sat with her and I know a fair few nice walks at Chopwell and there is the river at Washington but I can't wait to take her somewhere new.

We start puppy classes on Wed, well, I do, she starts the week after.

In other news, Catreath this weekend, first time I have played for a while as my character has been taking time out to gather herself and get used to her new identity. So it's very exciting.
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The puppy blog

Well, we have her. A gorgeous bundle of 7 week old. And all of our plans are pretty much out of the window.
She has taken really well to the house, the cats are a little freaked, but Tali is coping quite well, he is fine as long as Lilly does not bark.
She is largely using the puppy pads for weeing, although wee watch continues. She is starting to learn her name, although I have to admit it is looking like a long process.
I'm finding the whole thing quite hard as I've never had a dog before and I think I was expecting it all to come quite quickly and it just isn't. Perhaps they are like children and it will all suddenly just click.

But, she is incredible cute and cuddly and really enjoys being around people which is perfect. Love her
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Thought I'd throw some piccies of my puppy Lilly, we get her on friday and I can't wait. Under a cut for those of you that couldnt care less :)

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I can't decide whether I feel old or just like a real grown up. Recently, I find myself wandering round homebase getting excited about the most mundane things, like outdoor tap kits. Just how wrong is it to be excited about an outdoor tap (which, incidently, I'm getting fit tomorrow)?

Well, I am officially sad, but I don't care, cos I'm happy. I now have my shed and a small greenhouse and I have been planting like a thing not right. Hopefully fairly soon I will have some pretty Delphiniums and some carrots, lettuce, spring onions and blueberries. I have potatoes to plant at the weekend and courgettes, more carrots, and beetroot. I'm also planning on going and getting some summer bulbs to plant in my freshly weeded and dug over garden. On top of this, my house is tidy, I have a room all sorted out for the cats (for when doggy invades, so that they can get some peace), I have dog-proofed the living room and have bought everything I could possibly need for getting my doggles on friday.

I should probably state that this has not been single handed, just in case a certain someone reads this, my star of a BF has done loads. So much that I'm treating him to pizza for tea. I feel so happy and settled, moreso than I ever have before. I could get used to this
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Green fingered

Last year, right through the summer, I wished I had planted some stuff at the right time of year to care for through the summer as well as making my garden look pretty. And today I took my first step. I've planted mushrooms (although these are obviously not going to make my garden look pretty), a selection of salad veg and some blueberries. Very excited. Plan is to add a few more plants each week.

Only downside is, I've never really successfully grown anything and don't really have a clue what I'm doing. I guess we shall just have to see what happens.
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And they call it Puppy Love

I am getting a DOGGY!!!

I am very very excited about the above news. We have been talking about it for so long and were really messed around by a girl wanting rid of a 1 year old dog. But now it is decided, we are getting a goldendoodle pup on the 17th March, we go and choose it from 9 puppies next tuesday... bring on the photos...

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I'm so excited it's unreal
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8 days in

Well, 2009 is 8 days old and I suddenly feel the urge to post on here.

So, Key events of 2008... Well, the biggest one for me is Met Jay, well, got together with Jay, we actually met in 2007. Bloody hell, time flies. We've had a year together now and things are better than ever, its very nice being content and comfortable with someone and not having to change myself to fit them.

Had the work year from hell, with my (ex) manager making my life an absolute misery resulting in 6 months (count em) off sick. But now I'm all recovered, back doing supply and even thinking about applying for full time work, although with my sickness record now I'm unlikely to get anything until I've proved myself in supply.

Dad got ill, very ill. He has been diagnosed with lung cancer on top of his heart failure and various other problems that I cant even pronounce. At least twice this year we thought we were going to lose him. Its very hard seeing a man who used to be life and soul of the party in such a state that he struggles to hold a conversation. And even worse knowing he's only going to get worse. Horrible as this is I'm just praying his heart condition gets him before the cancer does, I don't want him to go through that. But still praying for an amazing recovery and that he has a few years in him yet.

Got back in touch with some old school mates and lost touch with some old school mates. Wierd how that happens. Lovely to be part of a 'girly' group again but I still kinda miss some of my old mates who I had so much fun with over the years (you know who you are)

Got top rank in catreath. Izrik is officially nails and the best Wizard in the system atm. A sad but proud moment. Now all she needs is an apprentice, anyone for some LARP and fancy playing a wizard?

So, what am I expecting/ hoping for this year?

Well, I'm very excited about some things that are happening soon. for Xmas Jay's bro has booked us on an overnight ghost hunt at the keep (Richy, if you are reading this is this likely to be you lot? its the 30th Jan) which should be a laugh if nothing else (especially as I'm terrified of the dark.

And, Its Jays 30th this year, which I think is a big deal. I'm really looking forward to celebrating with him. As his gift his parents have booked up BOTH tickets to CANADA to visit his bro and new niece. Amazingly exciting, roll on easter!

I'm really looking forward to another year with Jay. I would like us to be more sorted by 2010. Have the house decorated the way we want it and our finances organised and stuff. Very excited about getting a puppy together in the summer. Probably gonna get a boxer but a golden doodle is also being considered (they look like Jay!)

I would love to spend more time with mates this year, if anyone wants to go out or hang out drop me a line, would be nice to catch up with many of you.

I want to lose some weight. Already started on this so its just keep up the good work really.

Anyway, I have blabbered on muchly, so I'm gonna end it there
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Cooking and Teaching and stuff

Ok, first order of business.... OMG I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo tired. I mean, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired. I'd forgotten how hard it was not only entertaining 30 kids all day but also trying to ensure they learn something in the process. My class are nice enough, but they are starting to catch onto the fact that I'm a supply teacher and are TRYING to take the piss.

And then, I have to come in, do housework, prepare tea, sort for tomorrow etc, it's never ending. But I'm enjoying it

I'm really into my cooking at the mo, started weight watchers a few weeks back and trying really hard. Have discovered that cooking for yourself makes it so much easier. I have invested in a few low fat cook books and an loving trying out new recipes. Largely simple stuff, but some more complex. Tonight, I'm making my first ever attempt at toad in the hole. Not just any toad in the hold, LOW FAT toad in the hole. I'm sure it will be lovely.
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God, People are annoying

Just got myself really annoyed on a forum, but instead of ranting on there I'm going to rant on here as ranting on there will only make matters worse.

Someone just put one of those "please help me, I need advice" threads on a forum I visit a lot but post on less often. It happened to be on a subject that I feel strongly about for personal reasons so I replied. My reply was basically to keep an open mind about the situation and not make snap judgements. A few other people posted similar things.

Then the person who put the original post said "I came on here expecting some support and all I get is people on personal crusades"


You cam on here asking for advice. Advice is what you got. That advice is obviously not what you wanted to hear. What you WANTED was for people to go "Oh, poor you, thats horrible, how could they do this to you (((((((HUGGGGGGSSS)))))))" and now because people have gone "Hang on, have you thought of looking at it this way" you think the whole world is against you.

Why ask for sodding ADVICE if all you are going to do is then complain at the people who are kind enough to take the time to offer it? Nobody was nasty, they just had alternative points of view, which is obviously going to happen when you ask ANYONE IN THE WORLD who happens to look at that forum for advice. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

God, i am far too annoyed as a result of this situation, it can't be healthy.
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